Disco Devil / DJ Vadim

I love DJ Vadim, a Russian dj whose musical influences include some of my favorite hip hop and Jamaican artists, such as Lee Perry and Alton Ellis, as well as King Tubby. He posted this awesome Lee Perry song, which is new to me, on his blog. If I’d been familiar with Vadim when I still had a radio show I would’ve played him all the time.


What a toilet made of key cards looks like

Imagine if you had a scanning chip built into your ass.

Imagine if you had a scanning chip built into your ass.

House of cards produces a royal flush

Wrong address

Received tonight:

$10 off at Toys R Us, in celebration of Geoffrey the Giraffe’s birthday (for the Lofton Family)

Quartermaster Catalog – The expert resource for law enforcement professionals (for John Zurek)

“Congratulations to the Lone Tree Police Department, 2009 NAUMD Best Dressed Award winner for Most Innovative New Law Enforcement Accessory”

Feeling lonely in Crandon Chambers?

Desperate in Wisconsin

Desperate in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin town wants to make friends.

COLOR video from 1889

Every frame was individually hand-painted. It’s incredible how smooth the transitions are from frame to frame, not jerky at all. Lovely, no?


There’s no such thing as lunch meat.

– Benard, asleep

Pollock signature hidden in painting?

Pollocks hidden signature?

Pollock's hidden signature?

Couldn’t tell you exactly why, but I’ve decided this is wack.