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Dancing in the streets of the Lower East Side, pre gentrification.

This is a pretty awesome short of people dancing through the streets of the Lower East Side in what appears to be the early 80s. Note that Zeena Parkins, who plays harp in this video, has performed at ISSUE Project Room several times.

From WFMU’s Beware of the Blog:

“SSS is an video by experimental filmmaker Henry Hills. From the description:

SSS is composed from footage of movement improvised on the streets of pre-gentrified East Village by Sally Silvers, Pooh Kaye, Harry Shepperd, Lee Katz, Kumiko Kimoto, David Zambrano, Ginger Gillespie, Mark Dendy, and others, painstaking synched to music previously improvised for the project at Noise New York by Tom Cora (cello), Christian Marclay (turntables), and Zeena Parkins (harp). Beauty emerging from rubble.”

Disco Devil / DJ Vadim

I love DJ Vadim, a Russian dj whose musical influences include some of my favorite hip hop and Jamaican artists, such as Lee Perry and Alton Ellis, as well as King Tubby. He posted this awesome Lee Perry song, which is new to me, on his blog. If I’d been familiar with Vadim when I still had a radio show I would’ve played him all the time.

COLOR video from 1889

Every frame was individually hand-painted. It’s incredible how smooth the transitions are from frame to frame, not jerky at all. Lovely, no?


There’s no such thing as lunch meat.

– Benard, asleep

Vincent Collins short from 1974

Lights, camera, lights