About Wack MCs

Listen to my theme song, then Meet Me: I’m an Angeleno living in New York City and a newly converted social media junkie. I tweet as three different people, only one of which is myself, which means I’m tired of using only 140 characters and also that I find neat shit all the time. You’ll find me blogging about the avant garde arts scene in New York City, stuff I cook, and the goofy things my boyfriend mumbles in his sleep.

I’m obsessed with Jamaican music; post punk; deep fried dill pickles, jalapenos, and okra; marine life; flowers and the idea of gardening; making collages; artesanal rum; underground radio; and wack stuff I find on the net. I’m not the most patient girl around, so you can expect lots of links and little explanation. I do promise this: funny shit, awesome art, sick music, and plenty of stuff that’s just plain wack.


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